Ceramics, Collaboration with Natalie J Wood

Awrite, Hen

Photos by Boyd Goff (above) and Bethany Thompson (below)

Awrite, Hen | Ceramics Exhibition

Natalie and Maria are a couple of birds who make collaborative ceramics, and they’re hatching a new collection of work!

Awrite, Hen is a collection of collaborative works with ceramicist Natalie J Wood, featuring a combination of playful illustrated ceramics and prints, playing on the idea that women are ‘chicks.’ The work was exhibited at Flamingosaurus Rex in Edinburgh, featuring nudes, chickens, ceramic egg cups, ceramic chicken pins, tableware and decorative plates. The work aims make people laugh and maybe even make people think — what does it mean when we use the language we use to describe women?

The exhibition also featured five Side Chicks, who each painted a one-of-a-kind egg cup. From left to right:
Emimi Chow
Natasha Russell
Emily Altman
Manda Comisari
Alice Carnegie

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