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Hello, there! I’m Maria – I’m an illustrator and comics artist based in Edinburgh, where I also teach at the Edinburgh College of Art. I care about feminism, the state of the world, and making things look nice. I regularly contribute non-fiction comics for The Nib. My work has appeared in anthologies such as We Shall Fight Until We Win and the Eisner-winning Drawing Power. I’m always looking for new potential collaborations for comics as well as illustration work, be it editorial or commercial. I’m also an experienced graphic designer and I enjoy using motion graphics to bring my works to life. 

These days I’m also collaborating on ceramic pieces with artist Natalie J Wood

Got a project in mind? I’m available for illustration work, comic/zine workshops, and events: say hello! I’m always keen to collaborate with new clients.

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Selected Clients
The New Yorker / The Nib / Extra Teeth / Abrams Books / National Library of Scotland / Cuirt International Book Festival / Edinburgh’s Hogmanay / Cycling Scotland / Unique Events / Australian Broadcasting Company / BHP Comics / 404 Ink / VOX Edinburgh

Comics – Web
2020. “Avocadon’t Look Now.” Goethe Insitute Bucharest.
2020.“The Pandemic to Come.” The Nib
2020. “Sailor’s Out.” Anthology contribution in “On LGBTQ2S+ Animation.” Quickdraw Animation Society
2019. “Golden Sunset.” The Nib
2019. “Locked Out.” The Nib
2019. “Who Hates the Green New Deal?” The Nib
2019. “Britain’s Donald Trump: Who is Boris Johnson?” The Nib
2018. “The Bet: Are We Doomed?”The Nib
2018. “Scotland to Trump: Beat it, Bawbag.” The Nib
2018. “Oh No, Canada!” The Nib
2018. “Environmental Catastrophe is Coming. The Rich Will Be Just Fine.” The Nib
2018. “Nobody is Coming to Save Us from Climate Change.” The Nib
2018. “The Cat-Carrier.” The New Yorker
2018. “The Moth.” The New Yorker
2017. “How to Escape.” The Nib
2017. “Scurtă istorie a familiei tradiționale: BD despre CpF.” Scena9
2017. “Should the Right Wing Decide Who Gets to Be a Family?” The Nib
2017. “Red Flags.” The Nib
2016. “Load Comments.” Dangerous Women Project
2016. “The Trial.” Dangerous Women Project

Comics – In Print  
2020. “Sailor’s Out.” Anthology contribution in “On LGBTQ2S+ Animation.” Quickdraw Animation Society
2019. “Drawing Power.” Abrams. Anthology contribution: “I Don’t Even Like Sunflowers.”
2019. “Golden Sunset.” Anthology contribution in “X Them Out! A Black Map of Athens”. HumanRights360
2019. “One Month in Malmo.” CBK Magazine, Volume 46
2019. “One Month in Malmo.” Self-published
2019. “You Could Be The 0.01%!” The Nib Magazine: Scams Issue
2018. “We Shall Fight Until We Win.” 404Ink, BHP Comics. Anthology contributions: “Betty Boothroyd,” “The Radical in the Footnotes.” 404Ink, BHP Comics
2018. “Online Dating.” Counterpoint, Issue 15: Treasure
2016. “Some Comics by Maria.” Self-published
2016. “The Figure in Art (School).” Self-published
2016. “Flies.” Self-published
2016. “Erosion.” Zine contribution in “Welcome/Home.”
2016. “Night-time Routine.” Dirty Rotten Comics, Issue 8
2015. “Take it as a Compliment.” Singing Dragon. Graphic Novel. – Translations since published in Korean, Spanish and French.

Not Comics
2019. Illustrator for Issue 1 of Extra Teeth magazine.
2018. “An Introduction to Ceramics. Volume 1: The Basics.” Co-written with Natalie J Wood. Self-published.
2018. “The Inking Woman – 25 Years of Women Cartoon and Comic Artists in Britain.” Myriad (Take it as a Compliment featured in book).
2017. “Everything is Scary But You Gotta Hold Your Ground.” Self-published
2016. “Guns Don’t Kill People.” Self-published, collaboration.
2015. “Don’t Just Stand There!” Self-published.

Toronto Comic Arts Festival
House of Illustration
Graphic Medicine
Edinburgh College of Art
Aye Write Festival
Glagow Comic Con
Golden Hare Book Festival
Dundee Literary Festival
TEDx University of Edinburgh
Bloomsbury Festival
Clear Lines Festival

Flamingosaurus Rex, Edinburgh
L’Euguellione, Montreal
Out of the Blueprint, Edinburgh

Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh
Centre for Open Learning, Edinburgh
The Animation Workshop, Denmark

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